Geothermal Nashville Condominiums

The Rokeby Board of Directors recommended to the homeowners that we convert our energy to inefficient conventional cooling system to a geothermal form with Maynard Select providing the installation. Maynard Select was essential in reducing the complexities of the process and the energy savings aspects to our homeowners that was critical to a positive majority vote. All aspects of the conversion were completed on time and within budget. Maynard Select continues to monitor the system for its most efficient operation that currently includes installation of a 24-hour monitoring system that will allow remote analysis at the Maynard Select offices.

During the hottest days in Nashville recorded history (109 F one day), the system designed by Maynard Select maintained the cooling requirements of the Rokeby. Based on our experience to date at the Rokeby, I can recommend Maynard Select for their geothermal expertise without reservation.

Williams M. Mitchell, M.D., Ph.D.

Board of Directors (2009-2011)
Rokeby Condominiums Association
President (2010-2011)