Residential and Commercial Plumbing in Middle TN

refrigeration hvac plumbing maynard selectOur knowledgeable technicians place safety and convenience at the forefront of each visit. Quality workmanship provides you with exceptional service, whether it’s an upgrade to your plumbing system or boiler, a drain unclogged, oil to gas conversion, an expansion or new geothermal system.

Our customers depend on Maynard Select for courteous, fast and reliable service in Nashville, Franklin, Gallatin and the surrounding area.

Skilled professional plumbers respond to emergency service any time and will assess and replace plumbing as needed. Call 615-732-7700 for service in Tennessee.

Water Quality

Heating your water is an important part of daily life and great quality water can extend the life of your plumbing system. We’ll install drinking water systems and treatment for your office or residence. Get better quality and taste for your drinking water. Water softeners and neutralizers, UV systems, filters and reverse osmosis are all provided through Maynard Select for your daily plumbing needs.