Mechanical Controls

Three of the most basic components of any building are access, HVAC, and lighting. Obviously, these components are built by different manufacturers. Through Delta Controls, we can integrate the wide variety of products built by those manufacturers into a single, uniform system giving facility owners and managers the ability to remotely monitor, analyze, and intelligently manage their buildings ultimately resulting in energy efficiency and cost savings.

Mechanical controls by Delta and Maynard Select

Delta Controls

Delta Controls, a partner of Maynard SelectMaynard Select is a proud Delta Controls dealer. Delta Controls have manufactured Building Automation products since the early 1980’s. Their proven algorithms and Native BacNet protocol make it a great choice for integrating Access, security, lighting, and HVAC control systems. Delta Controls offers dependable and user friendly building control solutions for commercial government, and retail buildings installations

Why Choose Us

  • Our engineers save you money through comprehensive energy audits to determine a benchmark and reduce energy consumption.
  • Our design team selects the right Building Automation System for your specific monitoring and energy management needs.
  • Our licensed installation group provides complete in-house, “turn key” system installation.
  • Our Building Automation Technical Support Program gives you protection throughout the life of your system.

Building Automation Technical Support Program

Our Technical Support Program offers you a comprehensive range of services designed to provide you with consistent support, education, and protection. We work with you to help you select the best program for your business based on your specific needs and system to ensure your equipment continues to work at it’s highest efficiency.

Our Technical Support Programs can include:

  • Priority Response: In an emergency situation, TSP customers receive priority response.
  • Remote Support
  • Preferred Pricing for Additional Services: Services, parts and/or components outside the scope of the agreement shall be provided at Preferred Labor Rates and Delta Product discount.
  • Continuing Education: Access to Delta Controls online training as well as on site training.
  • Documentation: You get a report of findings, corrective actions, and recommendations following each on-site or remote assistance.
  • Routine Remote Inspection & Performance Analysis: We will perform semi-annual diagnostic assessments of the system and its operation including: verification of system functionality, point checks, programming checks, evaluation of reports and evaluation of energy saving strategies. To assure continuous operation, we will verify/perform a monthly database backup. Graphics changes can also be performed at your request as part of the allotted agreement hours.
  • Software Updates & Upgrades